Condition and remote monitoring

Intelligent condition monitoring of technical plants

Technical plants are becoming smarter and smarter as digitalisation progresses. Key measurement data (e.g. temperature, humidity, vibrations, etc.) that allow conclusions to be drawn about the current condition of machines, components, technical plants and environmental factors can be obtained using built-in processors and sensors and through intelligent networking.

Our condition monitoring software enables you to track this measurement data from anywhere and at any time and to observe its progress in a targeted manner. If limits are exceeded or not reached, suitable measures can be taken early on to avoid machine downtimes and optimise your plants’ performance.

Log – analyse – visualise data streams in a targeted manner.

The benefits that our condition monitoring software offers

  • Access to your plants’ and machines’ current status using a web browser – at any time and from anywhere
  • Current sensor data displayed for each plant / machine and its progress in different time periods, marking threshold values (upper and lower limits)
  • Overview of actuators and their current states
  • Email alert notification when threshold values are exceeded or not reached
  • Various interfaces (OPC UA, etc.), automatic data transfer, preparation and storage
  • Hosting in the cloud or locally on-premises
  • Cost and time savings due to fewer on-site visits
  • Establishing new business models, offering customers added value with additional services: central plant management, 24 hour service, etc.
Condition monitoring means you never lose sight of your technical plants – no matter the time or where you are in the world

Data basis for developing an early warning system – predictive maintenance

The data that is backed up and harmonised for condition monitoring in our database management system provides an ideal basis for further evaluations using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. This allows maintenance-relevant events to be predicted early on, potential disruption and risk factors to be identified and suitable measures to be initiated.

In this way, an early warning system can be gradually set up and a secure basis for decision-making can be created. We’d be delighted to assist you with our expertise and services.

Case study

Practical example: SEAWATER Cubes SEAWATER Cubes GmbH uses monitoring software from Meta-Level Software AG for its state-of-the-art fish farming facility

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