MES – manufacturing execution system

The manufacturing execution system – a flexible solution for production

The MES Suite is an ideal solution for optimising production in the company. By intelligently networking business and production systems, it ensures that production processes are transparent from one end to the other. Employees are faster and better informed throughout the entire process chain.

The MES opens up a multitude of possibilities for making processes simpler and clearer.

Sample uses:

  • Dashboard for providing information to employees (paperless factory)
  • Worker assistance, machine monitoring, hall visualisation, etc.
  • Managing traceability and genealogy data and transferring it to long-term reporting systems
  • Collecting OEE data with real-time display and automatic detection of production downtimes
  • Sending fully automated feedback from production to the business system

The software is particularly characterised by its high level of flexibility: it has a modular structure and the range of functions can be individually adapted to the needs of the location and the production processes in the company. So the MES Suite is suitable not only for large companies, but for SMEs too.

Access to important key figures in real time

The MES Suite allows you to determine important key figures (KPIs, OEE, etc.) by networking business and production applications in the company. For example, the production lines’ OEE key figures can be accessed in real time, and production can be optimally controlled.

The software independently detects production outages and helps employees classify the causes. The data from the MES can be automatically forwarded to long-term reporting systems for the purpose of conducting analyses.

Transparency through traceability

Traceability data can be used to obtain detailed information about each stage of production. Using this data, you can view a comprehensive parts family tree and trace the end products’ path. Thanks to the detailed status information, interlocking can be established between production sectors to ensure the quality of the processed components.

Optimise processes through networking and automation

Our software makes employees’ everyday work easier, e.g. in feeding back production results or forwarding components to affiliated processes. Clever networking of business and production systems standardises and simplifies procedures directly at the production workstations.

We synchronise the collected data with the customer’s business systems, creating consistent and reliable data across the different systems.

Systems networking also means that production results can be fed back to the business systems in a fully automated manner, thus allowing work processes and data quality to be optimised further.

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