Cloud consulting and development

Welcome to the future of data storage

Secure access to the cloud

Have you considered migrating to the cloud? You may have many questions!

  • What is the most reliable provider?
  • Is it necessary to transfer all of my data to the cloud?
  • Is the data secure at this location?
  • What is the duration of the migration process and will there be any restrictions during it?

You don't have to answer these yourself.

Meta-Level helps you to clarify your questions and to implement the project!

We offer independent advice and can help you find a provider that safeguards your data. We analyze your individual needs to identify the most suitable concept for you. After we have found the optimal provider for you, we also make your application cloud-enabled!

You already use the cloud and want to make further applications cloud-enabled?

We can offer assistance with this too. For software solutions that are not readily cloud-compatible, we can facilitate their customization. This allows you to stick to your usual workflows and take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud. We have extensive experience in software development which we use for this purpose.

Finding the right provider - How can we assist you?

  • Relevant information regarding the process of migrating your system to the cloud, including management and related costs, can be provided.
  • Consulting on the various services offered by cloud providers (monitoring, backup, support, bug-fixing)
  • Setting up a contract with the right cloud provider

Self-hosted or managed cloud service?

The individual solution: Self-Hosted Cloud Service

  • You make the decisions, we support you!
  • We can deploy a cluster on your own hardware or with a suitable host.
  • We aim to identify the most efficient and cost-effective resolution for you.

The convenient solution: Managed Cloud Services

  • The host provides IT infrastructure
  • Rapid scalability over a short period of time
  • Host provides additional support

Our staff has deep expertise in cloud development and containerization, so no matter which solution is right for you, you'll reap the benefits.

Preparing your software for the cloud

  • Software inspection entails packaging your software into self-contained packages known as containers. Containerization allows for portability and environment-independent execution of your software.
  • Necessary technical customization of your software

You have decided to take advantage of our assistance, specifically in the area of Kubernetes. What shall we do next?

  • Configure a cluster in the desired environment
  • Establishing support and monitoring structures
  • We manage backups, report generation, administration and customer support
  • Deployment of your software into the cluster

Development of software solutions for the cloud

  • Design and development of individual software solutions for the cloud
  • Customization of software solutions that are not readily cloud-compatible for use in the cloud
Do you have any questions?